Monday, March 9, 2009

First post, don't really know what i'm doing

Hey Peoples, my name is Johni, but i'm not a boy, i'm a gal lol. This is my first post and my first time ever blogging. I decided today to make this blog because i've been feeling like Noah, from Genesis, when he was building the ark for the Lord. I have been having a tough time spiritually recently because I struggle with feeling like I am the only one who cares about my faith, the Lord, and living a life of faith that pleases the Lord, in a world of people who love to wallow in their sins. I'm not saying i'm the only person I know who is a Christian, I have a great church with a great youth group, and lots of friends everywhere who bears His name. What bothers me is the way Christianity these days is taken so passively; many people who claim to be Christians settle into a passive luke-warm satisfaction that they fulfilled the bare requirements to be saved, and now that they're forgiven despite themselves, much less energy goes into disciplining themselves to create and maintain a lifestyle pleasing to the Lord, that constantly serves Him in some way, even if just being so...good, that people take notice. Anyway, I had been feeling rather alone in my quest to serve him in every way, and it was beginning to wear me down, so I have been praying for the Lord to give me an olive branch of sorts, like He gave Noah, to let me know it would be OK, and that I wasnt alone. I've been praying for about a week, should anyone be wondering, and today I got it in the form of a song, which I stumbled across on Youtube. It is called "I do not Belong," by Kutless. I heard it and cried my eyes out. It was like God was telling me He knew exactly what I was going through, and that times like this come and go in every Christian's life. He was telling me to remember that I dont belong here on this earth, it's not my home, and I just have to hold what specks of innocence I have left, and to Him for strength, protection, and constant forgiveness for all the times I mess up. That song has given me great encouragement and strength to keep seeking Him. I made this blog to be encouraged by all you fellow Christians who are willing to take time to read this, and hopefully to allow God to use this blog to encourage some of you. I will write posts on my thoughts and innermost feelings about my life, my faith, and my Lord. I hope this blesses you in some way, I love you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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